You have the opportunity to balance some of the demographic traits to the US Census when sending a survey to our panel. You can activate our Census Balancing option on the Target Market page by clicking on the “scale” icon to the right of the demographic trait. You will know it’s active when the scale is blue. 

Activating this option will allow you to get a nationally representative sample in accordance with the U.S. Census population estimates. The amount of balancing is dependent upon the number of completes for your survey. You can activate one demographic balance for surveys between 150-399 completes and up to 2 for any surveys with 400 or more completes. You can hover over the scale icon to see what the breakouts will be before activating.


We don’t have DIY Census Balancing for all demographic traits, also in some instances, you may need custom quotas. Custom quotas are possible, although they will require someone on our team to create the quotas and launch your survey. The additional cost for custom quotas depends on the feasibility and complexity of the request.

AYTM will gladly assist in setting this up on the back end for you prior to launching your survey. Just reach out to our support via chat bubble or and we can walk you through the process.

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