If you want to add funds to your AYTM account, using our Add Funds feature is fast, easy and secure. Log-in to your account and look at the top of the page for the Add Funds tab.

Once you have navigated to the Add Funds page follow the steps listed below.

1.  Enter the amount you would like to pre-pay into the text field.

2. Select the payment method you have on file from the drop down. Or add a new form of payment. 

3. Select which budget you will be adding the funds to from the drop down. 

4. Agree to our Terms of Use and click “Checkout.

The funds will post to your account, and added to your payment methods. Once the funds are added to your account you can use the credit for any purchase on the AYTM platform. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@aytm.com or chat with any questions!


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