While in your Dashboard, you have the freedom to create as many survey drafts as you'd like! However, too many survey drafts have the potential to become overwhelming. We offer some great features to help you get organized. 

1. You can easily rename your survey to help you quickly identify which survey you need. Hover over the survey you wish to rename and click the “pencil” icon. Create your new title and save.

2. Perhaps you have multiple surveys that have identical survey drafts, but different targeting. Or you want to keep all surveys associated with the same project or client in one place. Our “Add New Folder” option can help you keep them organized. Click the “folder” icon to the right of the Dashboard section’s title and a new folder will appear below. Click the “pencil icon” to name the folder. Then find the surveys you wish to put into the folder, grab the gray tab to the right of it and drag the survey into the folder. 

If you have any suggestions for additional Dashboard features you would like to see, we would love to hear about them! You can reach us at Support@AYTM.com or click on the chat bubble below. 

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