When it comes to paying for your surveys at AYTM you have two options:

  1. Credit Card 
  2. ACH payment. 

You can link these to your account for continued use by following these next steps. 

First locate the "Account" tab at the top of the page and select "Payment Methods" from the menu. 

Then on the "Manage Your Payment Methods" page, you can select to add a new payment method. 

Select which payment option you would like to add to your account from the drop-down.  

When you add a new Credit Card, you will be asked to assign a title to that card. 

Once you select "Add Credit Card" you will then be prompted to securely enter in the credit card information.

When you add an ACH Account, you can assign it as either an Individual Account or Company Account. 

NOTE: ACH Payment requires additional verification by your bank. You will have to complete the steps required by your bank to completion before you will be able to use this method of payment for a survey. Also, any credit card payments must be done through our platform as we do not accept payment over the phone.

If you have any additional questions reach out to support@aytm.com or click the chat bubble at the bottom right to start a conversation. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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