Testing your survey prior to launch is a vital step in the survey building process. Once a survey is live you will be unable to make edits. This makes it imperative that you test and preview to ensure that the flow and structure of your survey works as intended.

You can enter the preview mode on the Survey Editor page by selecting the "Quick Preview" button on the left side of your Survey Editor. 

In the Quick Preview we have three modes: Respondent, Researcher or Ghost Mode.

 Starting from the left we have Respondent Mode, this mode will emulate a live survey experience. You will need to test as if you were a respondent and follow all logic paths created. All limits and logic will be applied here so you can focus on the text and flow of the survey.

Up next is Researcher Mode, this mode allows you to test the logic paths but offers more flexibility than the Respondent Mode. 

With this mode you can turn on or off certain settings and jump to specific questions in the survey. 

The first drop down menu will allow to customize how you view and test the survey. 

  1. Question Labels - this is turned on by default and will show the question numbers how they look in the Survey Editor. Turn off to see the questions number show to respondents. 
  2. Show Navigation Hints - show the accept/rejects on PQs and other back end navigation.
  3. Show AYTM Logic - turn this on to view any AYTM conditional logic i.e. [show if Q1A1]. Please note that logic routing will always be turned on, this will allow to preview how it's structured.

The second drop down will allow to jump to any point in the survey or start over and reset the survey at any point. 

Researcher Mode is for when you want to test the logic paths but see how it was programmed. 

Last but not least is our Ghost Mode, which has the most transparency when previewing a survey. 

Our Ghost will let you "walk through walls", by jumping to questions and viewing all of the navigation and logic that was programmed. This is the mode you want to be in to view the structure of the survey but not test the logic. With the same controls as Researcher Mode you have the ability to change the settings, but Ghost Mode will always suppress routing logic so you can move freely throughout the survey. 

If you have any additional questions about please reach out to support@aytm.com or click the chat bubble at the bottom right to start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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