It's always best to double-check! When you are finished drafting your survey and wish to preview your work, you can do so two ways. 

Survey Author Preview

As the survey author (and owner) we recommend the "Quick Preview" for the most flexibility in viewing and testing your survey. 

To access the Quick Preview, look to the left of your Survey Editor page under your question type tool box for this icon:

We have three modes to preview and test a survey: Respondent, Researcher and Ghost mode. 

Each have different functionality and features. Check out this article for more details:

BonusTip for testing a survey as the author: QR Code! Use the QR Code to quickly pull up a survey on a different device. Click on the tablet or smartphone visual at the top left of the Quick Preview menu to activate the QR code as shown below.

Sharing the survey

If you would like to share the survey with other people to preview as it would look to a respondent you can do that as well. 

Click on the share icon on the left side of the Survey Editor, it will be in the row of icon with your other collaboration tools. Once you have opened the share survey draft menu look for the "Survey Preview Link" towards the bottom. 

Copy the URL and send it to anyone and they will be able to preview and test the survey as if they were a survey taker!

If you have any additional questions about please reach out to or click the chat bubble at the bottom right to start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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