In addition to a team dashboard you also have team and shared budgets with a PRIME or CORP membership. This article will cover how to share payment methods and moving funds, see our related article about adding funds to your account.

To move funds navigate to Account > Budgets, on this page any budget you have permission to access will appear in the list. Under the manage header click on the gear icon then move funds. 

From here you type in the amount and select the budget where you want the funds to be placed. If you don't see the budget you need in the list reach out to your account owner to check the permissions, they may need to grant you access to a certain budget.

Now let's talk about sharing payment methods. If you add a credit card to your account you can share access to other teammates. Navigate to Account > Payment Methods then the gear icon under the manage header. 

Then click on Manage Access and Share This Card, once you share access you can link this card to specific budgets. Under this menu you can also freeze, edit and remove any credit cards on file. 

If you have any additional questions regarding payment methods click the chat icon at the bottom right or email us at

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