When designing and programming your survey it's always a good idea to have a second or even third pair of eyes. You can send a preview of the survey using the aytm share link.

On the left side of the Survey Editor page you will see an arrow icon. Click to see all our share options. 

Download Survey Draft

Download the survey draft as a Word document or PDF file. Click either option then click the download draft button.

Share by Email

Email your survey draft and a preview link directly from the platform. Type up to ten email addresses at a time and click send.


The next two links extend access to the Survey Editor and allow you to invite people to help collaborate on your survey.

Collect Feedback

Generate the first link and give someone view access to your Survey Editor. They will be able to view the survey draft in the platform and follow along as you make edits and leave comments!

Corrector Role

Generate this link and allow someone to edit survey content. With this link they will only be able to edit the text of the survey. They won't be able to edit the survey structure - add, modify or remove questions or answers or rearrange the order of anything. With this link someone can also add comments to a survey draft.

Survey Preview Link & Smart Preview

The Survey Preview Link will allow someone to preview your survey as if they were a respondent. Copy and paste the link to send to anyone you would like to preview the survey. Share links are only meant to preview and while it will show the survey exactly as a respondents would see it, the preview will not record any responses. 

Click the checkbox "Enable researcher preview tool" to activate Smart Preview. This extends the full functionality of Quick Preview to anyone with this share link!

All of these options will allow you to share your survey draft (aka masterpiece) and collect feedback or test any logic before your field the survey!

If you have any questions about our share feature reach out via chat or email us at support@aytm.com 

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