To find a price for your survey visit our Target Market page (registration not required) and add your target criteria. You'll see the price and availability on the fly with our Sample Complexity Meter. 

Put together your survey to know exactly what it's going to cost (the quantity and types of questions affect the length of the survey and the price-per complete accordingly).

Your total survey price is based on the complexity and market demand of the selected target audience, number and types of questions and other features. By default it includes up to 10 standard questions that you'll be able to define in the editor. Up to 10 demographic traits are also provided with every survey complete coming from our panel so you don't have to ask them separately.

Please note: feasibility and survey prices can fluctuate and vary at any given time based on the sample availability. (It's like booking an airfare). We lock your price automatically for 5 days once you specified your target market, drafted your survey and saved it. If you redefine your target market or edit your saved survey prior to launch, your price will no longer be locked and may change.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a call to discuss your research project click the chat bubble at the bottom right or email us

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