Your survey is immediately delivered to our panels when you launch your survey. You see data streaming in your Dashboard within minutes, and you can literally watch charts and graphs take shape as people reply. Most surveys are completed within 24 hours. In many cases when you setup your survey we'll offer a guaranteed delivery. The time it takes a survey to complete depends on your target market.


We guarantee that your DIY survey will be completed by the quoted deadline if you launch it within the specified timeframe. You will be able to see our turnaround time in our Sample Complexity Meter at the top left of any Target Market or Survey Editor page.  If you plan to launch it later – no pressure, we'll give you a new delivery guarantee. If for any reason the survey runs longer than promised, you'll have the option to stop the survey and get the remaining prorated amount credited back to your AYTM account for future use.  

The time and date listed in the Sample Complexity Meter is based on launching the survey within 3 hours and the time zone you are working in. Even if you don't plan on launching your survey within the three hour time frame the Sample Complexity Meter can give you an estimate of how many hours/days we expect the survey to complete. 

Please note if you are using custom pre-qualification questions the Sample Complexity Meter will not be available as the system won't know the incidence rate of your survey until you begin fielding.

If you have any questions about understanding the time it will take your survey to complete don't hesitate to reach out to us, 

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