“Logic” refers to any part of the survey building process in which you set conditions for an action. Conditional logic is expressed on the AYTM platform by using square brackets; [...]. In order to add conditional logic, the formulas must be typed directly into the survey fields; character counts won't be affected by the logic formulas.

The following formulas are currently supported:

  • [Mask by…]
  • [Rev-mask by...]
  • [Show if...]
  • [Hide if…]
  • [Skip to...]

Conditional logic formulas are not caps sensitive and do not require spaces or other separators between the elements of your formulas.

You can express a variety of conditions, illustrated in the following examples: 

  • PQ1A1 - if first answer in the first pre-qualification question was selected
  • Q1 - if a question was shown to respondent
  • Q2SQ1 - if sub-question 1 on Q2 was shown to respondent
  • Q3SQ1A1 - if A1 in sub-question 1 on Q3 was selected 
  • Q4A5 - if answer 5 on question 4 was selected

Depending on your membership level, adding conditional logic to a survey will likely incur an additional fee. Since the platform does not yet include error validation, we strongly suggest reaching out to support@aytm.com or click the chat bubble at the bottom right to discuss any uncertainties. We look forward to hearing from you!

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