The open-ended question type or answer choice are great methods to collect qualitative feedback from respondents. Using this question type is perfect for top of mind, unaided feedback! Once your survey is live you will be able to access the statistics page and watch your respondents answers stream to the page in real-time. 

There are three ways that you can access open ended comments. The first is located directly at the top of you statistics page. 

Upon opening your statistics page you will want to locate the main column header. Within this header you will be able to click to access your "custom comments". 

Depending on the structure of your survey, there are two additional ways in which you can access custom comments. 

If you opted to include an open ended question type in your survey, then you can access respondents comments from the question itself. Accessing comments from this location will forward you to a separate tab where you can continue to review respondents answers. 

As shown below, if you decided to include an open ended answer choice like, "other, please tell us" then you access your comments directly from the answer choice.

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