Is your panel skewed?

In some respects, it is. For instance, we currently give you only Internet users. We won't be able to give you access to the opinion of a farmer who has never used a computer. However, our surveys can be accessed and completed on mobile devices - Apple/Android tablets & smartphones with Internet access.

Will my survey be balanced? 

Generally when you launch a survey to our panel you will receive a good mix of respondents across the demographic profile, but we can't promise any specific fallout unless quotas are imposed.

Also keep in mind what screening criteria you impose before you launch the survey, the fallout will be in line with the population of your screening questions.

Will my survey be nationally representative? 

This is a somewhat ambiguous term as it could mean different things to different people. It could also greatly depend on the other screening of the survey. For example if you are targeting "males" it will not be nationally representative because you are excluding half the population. All these variables need to be considered before deciding on how to balance the survey.

We allow you to apply Census balancing on individual demographics, or we can create custom quotas for you before the survey starts fielding.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests for quotas and to read more about our panel here

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