Typographical Emphasis

To add emphasis to text in your survey, highlight any word in a question or answer space, and a menu will appear above the word. Click which option: bold, italicize, or underline to enhance. 

It's limitless! You can add one or all three enhancements to the same text or in multiple places in one question. 

Line Breaks

Line breaks can help the rhythm of a question by inserting pauses that would occur naturally in language, for instance, after punctuation, or at the end of a thought.

To add a line break in a question space, place your cursor between text that you want to break or at the end of a sentence or thought when you want to start a new line.

Select Shift+enter to add the line break.

Please note: you can add up to 5 line breaks in each question space, but line breaks will only work with questions not with answers or sub-items.

 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out in chat or to support@aytm.com

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