We limit our surveys to a maximum of 25 questions. We also limit the number of characters for each entry. Why? If you've ever answered a classic online survey, you'll remember how long and boring it can get. It's scientifically proven that an average Web user can only stay focused on a page for ~30-90 seconds.

Classic market research surveys often waste questions trying to identify the respondent's demographics before the respondent even gets to the actual core questions of the survey. By then, the respondent's attention could be compromised and the results may become meaningless. We eliminate the demographic part of the survey because we already have their profile and can bring your core questions right to their attention. This ensures maximum focus and an optimum level of concentration on your survey questions. We also have a longer answer to this question that reflects our philosophy.

If you have a project that has to go beyond the DIY settings in our survey tool, please reach out to us in chat or email support@aytm.com to discuss in greater detail.

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