AYTM logic allows you the flexibility to program almost any survey you can imagine on our platform, everything from simple skip logic and piping to advanced survey methodologies including custom variables and monadic surveys. 

This powerful tool starts with a series of statements written in [square brackets] added directly to your survey. The Autocomplete will act like a tour guide as you create your logic statements. With the first square bracket the autocomplete will populate all available logic options. 

You can browse the list and when the correct statement is highlighted hit enter to populate or you can continue typing to fill in the logic statement. When you finish each part, Autocomplete will change to the next available logic set until you complete your statement and use the right square bracket,], to end the statement.

Autocomplete is the next step in error proofing your logic programming!

If you have any questions about this article or AYTM Logic don't hesitate to reach out. Click the chat icon at the bottom right of this page or email support@aytm.com. 

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