With the Question Library, you can easily bookmark frequently used survey questions and add them to any future survey. You can also use the Question Library to quickly replicate groups of questions or re-order your survey questions. 

You will have the ability to save individual questions or groups of questions at any stage of design. Activate the Library by clicking on the icon, select questions using the checkbox to the left of the survey question numbers. From here they will be added to waiting room of the library indicated at the top right of your screen. 

You can then drag and drop them into the library to save for future surveys. You will be prompted to name the question or questions, which are called snippets, and provide an optional description. If you are on a team account (PRIME or CORP members) you can select if the snippet will be visible to only you or the entire team. 

These questions are now saved to your Question Library and you can now utilize these questions on any future survey. 

In addition to saving questions for future surveys you can use the Question Library to replicate groups of questions quickly and easily. Simply click on all the questions in a particular group and then you can drag, clone, and drop the entire set of questions to a different part of your survey. To move questions, grab the grey tab to the right of the question set and to clone or replicate questions hold down the shift key as you drag and drop. This will allow you to program Sequential Monadic surveys in a fraction of the time or simply reorder questions more seamlessly.

One last feature of the Question Library - it is stocked with questions and snippets curated by the AYTM team! Look for our pre-built questions and easily drag and drop them into your survey. 

Questions, suggestions? Click the chat icon at the bottom right of this page or email us at support@aytm.com – we would love to hear from you!

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