If you would like to incorporate a video file into your survey you can use aytm's Video Question type. Look for the video camera icon on the left side of the Survey Editor to drag and drop or click to add the question to your survey. 

Once the video question type has been added to you can either upload a video file or embed a video link. Click on the drop-down indicated below to select which file type you would like to use.

Upload a Video 

This is the recommended method to add videos to a survey as you will have more control over how respondents interact with the video. When you upload a video they will not be able to advance to the next question until the entire video has played at least once, and they will not be able to force the video forward.

If you are uploading a video file we recommend a .mp4 file that's at least 720 p HD. The file size limit for an individual video upload is 200 mb and 450 seconds. 

You can click the upload button to open your file explorer or drag and drop a video file from your computer into the question type. 

When you add a video file to the Survey Editor it may take a few moments to upload. While you see this message below it's important to stay on the current page so the upload doesn't not cancel. You can move away from the question and continue editing the survey.

Once the upload is complete you will see this message while the video is processing. At this point it's safe to leave the page.

Once the video has completed processing you will be able to view and play the video directly in the Survey Editor and in any preview mode.  

Let's review the settings under the video you see above!

  • If you would like to give respondents the opportunity to view the video again after   they moved away from this question select the "Allow replaying" checkbox. This will allow respondents to replay the video at any future point in the survey. 
  • The "Watch only once" checkbox will limit respondents to playing the video 1 time. The default allows them to replay the video as many times as they want until they click next to move forward in the survey. 
  • The "Reuse a saved video" drop-down will let you swap out the current video for a video that you have added to any survey in your aytm account. 
  • Select "Detach Video" to remove this video file and start over. 

Embed a Video

If you prefer to embed a video instead of uploading a file switch the setting using the drop down box. Then copy and paste the YouTube link into the field provided.

Once you click the Embed button the video will populate in the Survey Editor. You will be able to play the video in the Survey Editor and in any preview mode.

A respondent can only move forward once the video is viewed in it's entirety. For an embedded video a respondent will be able to move forward once the time of the video has passed.  

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