When designing and programming your survey, we always recommend getting a second set of eyes (and sometimes even a third!) to double check your survey. We offer a variety of ways to share your survey, one of which includes exporting either a Word document or PDF version of your survey.

On the left side of the Survey Editor page you will see an arrow icon. Click to see all our share options. 

Starting at the top, you will see our two options for downloading your survey draft. You can either export your survey draft in a Word document or PDF.
You can also select to include markups for Survey Logic or your targeting (order) details in your export. 

Underneath you will see a box titles "Download the Draft." You can download the selected type of survey draft by pressing the blue arrow on the right side of the box. 

Your draft should pop up and start to download! 

If you have any questions about exporting your draft, reach out via chat or email us at support@aytm.com.

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