We love hearing from respondents! Dive deeper into a question by adding a text field to allow respondents to expand on an answer. Collecting responses can be a great tool to find out more about the respondents taking your surveys.

Enable open-response options on your answer choices by locating the answer choice you want to use. Hover over the right side of your answer choice. You will notice a speech bubble appear. Click this bubble and it will expand into a larger box of options.

Once you add in a text field, you can either select Optional, Mandatory, or Off. Selecting "Optional" will allow respondents to leave a response if they would like, whereas "Mandatory" requires the respondent to leave a response before moving on. You can select "Off" if you do not wish for respondents to leave any responses.

Respondents will now be prompted to fill out a response depending on which option you chose. 

You will be able to view all responses in the Statistics page and raw data exports. 

Asking for responses is convenient if you want to know the specific reason as to why a respondent selected their answer choice. You can have them leave a comment letting you know why. 

We offer these options on the following question types:

  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Progressive Matrix

If you have any questions about leaving responses onto questions, please reach out via chat or email us at support@aytm.com.

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