The checkboxes question type is used when more than one answer choice is logically possible or expected. This question type offers special settings that allow you to control whether respondents can select some answer choices, all of them, or none. 

To insert a checkboxes question, simply drag and drop the checkbox icon from the sidebar into the survey editor. 

To add answer choices, click the “+” below the last answer choice. 

To delete an answer choice, hover to the left of the corresponding question number and click the red “x” that appears. 

Keep in mind that this question type requires at least 2 answer options and can have up to 10. 

You can also change the order in which answer choices appear for each respondent by turning on global randomization. 

Even with global randomization selected, you can still anchor specific answer choices in place. Simply activate the anchor icon adjacent to the desired answer option.

Now let’s explore three custom settings that you can enable for this question type: N/A, min required, and max allowed. You can locate these settings at the bottom of the question. 

The N/A question setting adds a “None of the above” answer option, which is always anchored at the bottom. When respondents select this answer choice, all other answer choices that were selected for that question will be suppressed. However, by unchecking the N/A answer choice, respondents can restore the previous selection. 

The min required setting controls the minimum number of answers required to advance to the next question. Use this setting for questions when it's important to receive at least 2 or more answers to the question.

The max allowed setting controls the maximum number of answers allowed before advancing to the next question. You can use this setting on its own, or in combination with “min required" to specify an acceptable range of selected answer choices.

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