Sliders are a powerful way to cover several entities in the same question. They are useful when you have a group of items that can be rated on the same scale, such as level of awareness of different brands, or level of satisfaction with different aspects of a product or service. 

To insert a sliders question, simply drag and drop the slider icon from the sidebar into the survey editor. 

Then, specify your tested entities, or subquestions. To add subquestions, click the “+” below the last subquestion. You can use up to 7 subquestions. 

You can change the order in which subquestions appear for each respondent by turning on global randomization. Even with global randomization selected, you can still anchor subquestions choices in place. Simply activate the anchor icon adjacent to the desired subquestion.

In some cases, you may want to use the slider question type, but apply it only to the main question without adding subquestions. To do so, simply remove the two subquestion placeholders that were created for you by default. 

Once you’ve created the subquestions, move down to specify the answer choices, which will appear as stops on the slider bar under each tested item. Respondents will be required to move each slider left or right when choosing the appropriate value in order to advance forward.

You can use our library of commonly used and carefully structured Likert scales by clicking the dropdown menu, or you can develop your own. 

You can also select a Likert scale from the library and then edit it to fit your specific needs. You can use up to 11 stops on the scale. 

We recommend putting more positive/larger items on the right side of the sliders, and more negative/smaller items on the left side when creating surveys for Western audiences.

To achieve left to right progression on the sliders, start with the most negative/smallest item at the top of the list in the editor, and end with the most positive/largest item on the bottom.

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