The reorder (ranking) question type prompts respondents to compare different items between each other. Respondents will be required to read the entire list and rank order the entities by dragging them up and down. 

To insert a reorder question, simply drag and drop the reorder icon from the sidebar into the survey editor. 

Next, you can adjust the number of items to compare. To add items, simply click the “+” below the last item. You can add 2 to 7 items. 

To delete items, hover to the left of the corresponding item number and click the red “x” that appears. 

You can also change the order in which compared items appear for each respondent by turning on global randomization. Even with global randomization selected, you can still anchor items in place. Simply activate the anchor icon adjacent to the desired item.

Keep in mind that we do not usually recommend using the anchoring option for this question type. 

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