The open-ended question type allows you to collect qualitative responses. It's perfect for top of mind, unaided feedback for questions like: "Please list all brands that come to mind when you think of soft drinks" or "Please share what you think about the commercial you just saw." Such answers are invaluable when the objective is to learn something beyond your expectations without biasing respondents with a predetermined set of answers.

To add an open-ended question, simply drag and drop the corresponding icon from the sidebar into the survey editor. 

There are three custom settings that you can enable for this question type: make optional, min, and max.

By default, respondents must enter something into the text field in order to advance. You can check "make optional" to allow the respondent to skip the question. 

The "min" setting controls the minimum number of characters that the respondent is required to enter in order to advance. By default, this setting is in the OFF position. Use this setting for questions when it's important to receive a minimum of 1-10 characters.

Similarly, the "max" option allows you to set the maximum number of characters to anywhere from 1-10. This is useful when you ask for a zip code, phone number with a known pattern, or similar data point that you expect to receive in a certain format.

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