The side-by-side comparison test is perfect when you have many logos/icons/banners/short names/etc. to compare. Our system breaks your items into balanced pairs and presents two at a time to respondents, asking them to choose one. We've implemented a smart adaptive algorithm that will show the minimum number of pairs to each respondent in order to arrive at a clear conclusion of their preferences. 

This test appears as a single question for respondents with question text repeating for each pair. Since we only show two items at a time, it's extremely easy for respondents to compare and choose. We add an internal progress bar below the pair to give respondents a sense of their progress. 

To insert a side-by-side comparison test, simply drag and drop the corresponding icon from the sidebar into the survey editor. 

To add items to compare, click the "+" below the last item. You can compare from 2 to 7 items. 

To delete an item, hover to the left of the corresponding item number and click the red “x” that appears. 

Please note that the order in which compared items are presented for each respondent cannot be anchored, since it's governed by our special adaptive algorithm.

The main question and each compared item can have an image associated with it. 

For a more balanced comparison, we recommend using images for all compared items, or not using them at all for any items. You can add an image thumbnail to the question field, but it will not be visible in full screen mode.

You can present your graphics as large as possible by selecting the "full screen" checkbox. The pairs will expand to the maximum width allowed by the respondent's screen. If you are using images, make sure to upload your highest resolution files possible; we'll downsample them if necessary.

Keep in mind that the chain of pairs may produce a rather long experiment, so we have to deduct a proportional number of questions from the rest of the survey.

Please pay attention to the note at the bottom of the question, "Experiment is using XQs," to keep an eye on the survey length. 

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