To properly calculate any applicable sales tax, you will need to input the address of your physical location, where you will work with and download your survey data. This could be different than billing information (think shipping versus billing address) depending on your payment method.   When you launch a survey, you will be asked to input your address if we don’t already have an address on file.   From the Launch Page look for the line item “Physical Address”, if no address is listed and it’s showing as “unknown” you won’t be able to launch quite yet. 

To add your address directly on the launch page, click on the “Please Provide” and a box will pop up where you enter your physical location address. Once the address has been added you will be able to launch your survey.  

Please Note: If you are part of a team account, PRIME or CORP memberships, you will need the account owner (admin) to enter an address for the entire team. They can add the address under the Account menu, hover over the Account menu at the top of the page then click on Physical Address. Once they add the address you can refresh your page and the address should populate allowing you to launch the survey. 

If you have any questions about adding in your address please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by chat or and our team can assist you!

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