Instruction text allows you to give respondents guidance about the survey, divide different survey parts, or deliver details about the subject of your research. It is often used to present positioning statements, or descriptions about a product or service, as a precursor to a question set. Respondents will be able to read your text and move forward at any time. 

Instruction questions have greater character limits than any other question type, which makes them perfect for testing stimuli, such as value propositions, product descriptions, or ad verbiage.

To insert an instructional question, simply drag and drop the corresponding icon from the sidebar into the survey editor. 

Then, you can go ahead and enter your text in the instructional text field. We recommend that you format your text in Microsoft Word, copy the text, and then paste into the instructional text field.

You can make certain words stand out with bold, italics, or underline. 

Instructional questions can also have images associated with them. Images can be expanded to the full width of the survey widget or appear as thumbnails and pop up as a reference on mouse rollover. 

Expanded illustrations are perfect when you want respondents to take a look at an image in conjunction with text. 

Attached images, or pop-up thumbnails, are useful when you would like to remind respondents of an image they saw earlier in the survey.

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