The image question type allows you to present respondents with an image and assure proper exposure to it. 

To insert an image question, simply drag and drop the camera icon from the sidebar into the survey editor.

Then click “browse” to upload an image. You can upload any of the following file types: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and SVG. 

In order to launch your survey, you must add a caption for the image in the question field. 

Now let’s explore the special settings included in this question type: force fullscreen, autoadvance, and allow scrolling. 

By default, respondents will see the image fit the width of the survey widget. If your image contains small details and you need respondents to see it as large as possible, check the "force fullscreen" option.

When the “force fullscreen” option is on, you’ll see a second control allowing you to auto advance the respondent after a certain amount of time. Locate the “autoadvance” combobox next to the “force fullscreen” checkbox. By default, it is set to “never,” allowing respondents to study the image for as long as they like before advancing to the next question. 

By clicking the dropdown menu, you can choose from 1 second to 1 minute before the image will be automatically closed and the respondent directed to the next question.

You can use the auto advance feature to mimic a shopping environment, where consumers typically spend only a few seconds looking at products and packages before making decisions. Another option is to show an advertisement for a brief amount of time and then test level of recall. 

Finally, “allow scrolling,” lets respondents scroll up and down when they zoom in on the image. 

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