Smart Loops will allow you to quickly replicate groups of questions. Whether you are working on a sequential monadic survey design or have elements in your survey that need to be repeated Smart Loops will greatly reduce your programming time and effort!

Step 1

 Program the set of questions you will need to replicate. You will notice I built mine out as a template. We will add in the product information in later.

Step 2

Open the survey Question Library and save the group of questions as a snippet.

Note: we won’t need those original questions I created now, so we can delete them before the next step.


Step 3

Now to activate the Smart Loop builder! Grab the grey box to the right of a snippet and drag it back into your survey while holding down the shift key.

Viola – when I drop the snippet the Smart Loop builder should appear with my group of questions!

The blue bar on the left side of the Smart Loop builder indicates which questions are included in the snippet created. At any time from here we can drag questions in and out of the loop or edit the question with in the loop. Everything is customizable!

Step 4

Now we need to add our variables. In this example I will be using three concept images, three concept names and three price points. This means I have three variables to create and three runs – number of times I need this group of questions to repeat. 

  • First let’s replace the placeholder variables “[variable_1]” with a custom variable name. We will use this variable logic condition in the questions. 
  • Variables can be image or text, to add a new variable click we will click on the “+” to the right of the first row. 
  • Now let’s Input our variables: concept names, prices, images etc. into the runs. 

Before we move to the next step let’s select how many concepts respondents will see by selecting the number of runs from the drop down. This will set the group logic to not only randomize the concepts but set how many total concepts each respondent will see for this survey. 

Step 5

Now that I have entered in my variables, I need to add this variable logic to the questions in the Smart Loop. Adding the variable logic will ensure each set of questions (runs) is assigned the proper information. 

For example, instead of uploading three images into three questions all I need to do is copy and paste [conceptimage] into the image question in my loop. 

Each image will populate auto-magically after you convert the loop into actual questions! Stay tuned for more information on converting your loop into questions. 


Step 6

Now that we have built your Smart Loop template it’s time to test! Use the Quick Preview to test your Smart Loop in action – no need to convert just yet. 

As you will see in the image below the variable logic above was replaced with the programmed concept name and price. 



Step 7

Now all that’s left is to convert our Smart Loop! 

A few things to keep in mind before converting a Smart Loop. 

  1. The Editor page will function normally if I decide to leave the Smart Loop builder active, I can still preview the survey, see an accurate price and question numbering. I can even launch the survey. 
  2. Anything in the loop is editable and can leverage Aytm logic. 
  3. Once the Smart Loop has been converted the builder will vanish as the questions will now become like any other question build in a survey. If I think I might need to make edits to my loop questions, variables concepts etc. I will wait to convert. 
  4. Once converted questions will act like any other programmed question!

To convert your Smart Loop template to questions click the convert button at the bottom of the builder.

Questions, comments or a custom Smart Loop design – reach out, we would love to hear from you! Click the chat bubble at the bottom right or email us:

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