You can collapse and expand individual questions on the Survey Editor. This will speed up page performance and let you see more of the survey by hiding the answer choices. This is especially helpful when you want to focus on a specific question or rearrange the question order more quickly. 

Learn how to drag and drop questions to reorder here.

Global Question Collapse

There a few ways to enable this feature. For a “global collapse”, you can select the “collapse all questions” button in the top right corner on the editor page (next to the gear icon).

Expand or Collapse Individual Questions

Once all questions are collapsed, roll over any collapsed question and a link will appear above the grey handle on the right of the field, "Expand". Clicking on this link will expand the question and revert the link to "Collapse" for easy toggle.

You can Collapse or Expand a question while in or out of global collapse mode. Hovering over the grey handle will show the Collapse/Expand option. 

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