Check if answers were statistically different or indistinguishable at a certain confidence level just by clicking on the column or bar of the answer on the statistics page. 

Answers that were significantly different to the answer that you rolled over or clicked on will be temporary colored in the same color and shaded. Statistically different answers will retain their colors and appearance. When you roll over or click on an individual column you will see they key at the top of the chart. 

In this example, A2: 6-11 months since a respondents last vacation, there is no significant statistical difference from A3: 1-5 years ago at a 95% confidence level, but it was statistically different from other answers within this question. 

The margin of error will be expressed as confidence interval shown throughout the chart. You can change the confidence level under the Crosstab analysis icon on the left side of your statistics page. Click on the icon then move the slider left or right to change the confidence level. 

To export or download this view of your chart click on the hamburger icon at the type right and download as a static image. 

This feature is currently available for Radio Button, Checkbox and at the sub-question level for Matrix question types including Star and Smiley ratings. 

If you have any additional questions please reach out to or click the chat bubble at the bottom right to start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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