How to Access

To access open-ended comments on the stats page, click on the conversation bubble at the top of the page. 

Note: if the stats page is filtered or you are in a custom report only those comments will load. If you are looking for all comments make sure you are in the “original – as fielded” report or the current view is unfiltered. 

Filter by Questions

By default, all responses from all questions that included an OE response will show, but you can now use the “All Question” drop-down to narrow to one specific question or variant that has an open-ended response. 

To remove the filter, click the drop-down again, scroll to the top, and select all questions. 


You can sort responses a few different ways:

Time: sort by when the response was logged. ↓ see the oldest comments first OR ↑ see the most recent comments first. The comment will display the time, hover over the time to see the full date and time. 

Length: sort comments by the length of the respondent’s answer, longer responses will show first. 

Kudos: ordering by Kudos means showing responses with Kudos first (descending order) or last (ascending order)

Number of comments per page

Click the drop-down to select how many responses per page. 

Page Toggle

Use the arrows to toggle between pages of comments. 

Show Traits

We have two options to see the traits of a respondent within the open-ended comments. Click the person icon in the top menu to show traits for every respondent. Click again to hide traits.  You will also see this icon on each individual response and you can toggle traits for an individual respondent by clicking the icon. 


Type in a search term and press enter or click on the magnifying glass to search. Clear the search by clicking the “x” if you want to go back to all comments. Note: you can search by response ID(s), but it will only bring up those specific IDs. If you are looking to jump to where you left off it would be better to sort by time and use the browser find instead. 

Highlight search terms

When you use the search field you can select to have the search terms entered highlighted.  This is on by default, click the three-dot menu and click the checkbox to turn off. 

Show Qs in survey order

Order the responses in the order the survey was programmed.

Qs in response order 

Order the responses by which order an individual respondent viewed them. (i.e. group logic/randomization) 

Under the global menu at the top click on the three-dot menu way to the right to toggle between both options.

Create a filter

You can create an advanced filter and globally filter the survey. Activate a search term or filter by a specific question then click the three-dot menu and “create filter”. This will activate the advanced filter mode and pre-populate the logic for you. Click to apply the filter and then you can save as a new report (or save to your current custom report). 

Note: after you create the filter and click the “apply active filter” button you can then click “back to main stats report” to view the survey by this filter.

Individual Comments

Open-ended responses are grouped by respondents and their response ID. You can reject or provide kudos at the individual respondent level. 

Response ID = the respondent’s ID for an individual survey and it matches the ID in all excel exports. Comments are grouped by respondents with their response ID.


Users can reject up to 5% of their total responses (N400 * .05 = N20). This will remove the respondent entirely and replace with a fresh respondent. 

Click reject and then select an option from the drop-down. “Other” will prompt you to type in a response. Then you will be asked to confirm the reject, and the respondent will be removed. 


Click to give kudos to a response on any thoughtful responses. We will show a brief message alerting the user that we will send a thank you message on their behalf. 

The button “Back to Main Stats Report” will take you back to the main stats. 

How to Share

If you would like to share your open ended responses you can print or download the raw data.


While you have the open-ended responses open click on the Print tab in the left side bar. Then click "print report" this should print only the open ended responses.


If you would like to share an editable version of your open ended response you will need to download the CSV or Raw Excel files. These files will contain all survey data but you can scroll to the questions that contain your verbatim responses and copy/paste or edit in the file.

Questions? Email us: or click the chat at the bottom right to talk to a team member! 

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