GIFs (graphics interchange format) are one of the most popular forms of shared media. We use them all the time in our help articles. They are a great way to demonstrate something in a short time frame. Which also makes them great for surveys!

Other reasons they work great in surveys:

  • they generate more interest in your product or concept than a static image.
  • they are easy to consume, better respondent retention = better data.
  • GIFs can have a strong emotional impact on people, making your content relatable to your target market.

Convinced? Here is how to add them to your survey!

1. Make sure the GIF is saved as the correct file extension (.gif).

2. Drag and drop or select the image to add it anywhere you can add images in your survey.
3. GIFs wont be animated in the Survey Editor, you will need to use the Quick Preview (or any preview mode) to test them.
4. GIFs will play automatically if the image is expanded or if you hover over the thumbnail in most question types.

Let's see them in action - I made some GIFs of GIFs

When a GIF is expanded

When a GIF is not expanded

Either way adding GIFs to a survey could prevent your respondents from feeling like this:

Instead they will feel like this:

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