Correlation Finder is the newest addition to aytm's Data Lab. To add to your survey click on the Data Lab icon and drag and new Correlation Finder into your Stats Report.

Once you have added a new Correlation Finder to your report you can select the Banner and Attribute:

Banner - is the object of study, the statistical significance between which objects need to be understood.

Attribute - is the area in which we look for this statistical significance.

Click on the drop-down for both Banner and Attribute to select available demographic traits or questions from your survey as the data points.

Tip: If you want to reverse the selected banner or attribute you can click the arrow to reverse.

Once you have selected your data points the secondary drop-down allows you to filter further if necessary. When you are ready click "Generate Data" to populate the chart!

Once the chart populates you can customize the visualization a few ways:

  1. Toggle between Interlaced & Grouped charts.
  2. View the data by N - number of respondents or % of total respondents.
  3. Change the chart type.

Correlation Finder includes the live Significance testing, hover or click on any column to view.

Now let's take a look at the data table! This is where you can view the analysis data for the significance test (z-test) and correlation scan (Chi-squared).

Click on the Legend at the top left of the table to see an explanation and example.

You can change the primary or secondary confidence level under the Analysis tab (microscope icon).

Once a Correlation Finder is added to your stats report you can export the chart and data table to PowerPoint or download a static image of the chart.

Correlation Finder performs an analysis on the banner and attribute of your choice right in your results, including a chart. To compare banners across multiple questions, or to obtain the specific p-values and full details of your survey's statistical tests, export a traditional Significance Test from the Analysis tab.

Questions about this feature? Email us at or start a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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